M&J Foundation, Inc

The “M&J Foundation” is a dedicated organization with a clear mission to strengthen and empower communities through collaboration and partnerships. The foundation is committed to bridging various disparities, including those related to race, socioeconomic status, and culture.

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Our Location Address:
Peachtree Interactive, 3675 Crestwood Pkwy NW Ste 474, Duluth, Georgia 30096, United States
Phone : 678 751 1776

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Partnerships and collaboration is core to M&J Foundation and we value those whose mission align with our organization and want to serve the community in the same capacity.  By working with community partners we aim to strengthen and expand our programs and services, achieve greater scales of change, build awareness in advocacy to address complex issues. 

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Supporting M&J Foundation can make such a difference in the lives of vulnerable populations in our community.  With your help we can uplift these individuals and their families bridging the gap of poverty, socioeconomic, cultural and educational barriers.